Development Cycle

We take a 6-step approach to delivering a project solution:

1. Assessment – We engage with clients to understand a projects requirements and then carry out a robust assessment to determine the entire scope of the project.
Development Cycle

2. Design and Development – We generate ideas using the engineering teams know-how and work towards designing practical concepts in order to provide the most suited solution. These concepts are then presented to the client for review. Our engineers work closely to adapt and constantly improve the project to generate the best results. 

3. Fabrication – At this stage, we work toward manufacturing and building the necessary structures.

4. Assembly – Takes place at our custom built facility, which enables us to operate on many different projects at one time. Our clients are given regular reports on progress during the duration of their project.

5. Project testing and Documentation – After the build is complete, our engineers carry out a complete test while considering the long term running of the machine. Any problems detected at this stage are dealt with in-house. Only complete projects that have undergone rigorous testing will be installed in client’s premises by the same engineers, which carried out the full build. All the necessary documentation will be completed and provided by us after installation.

6. Evaluate and Review – We take great consideration in our aftercare service and look to establish long-term relationships with all our clients. If any issues arise in the future, we are able to deal with the problem as a priority. We also have a CRM system in place to take client reviews in order to continuously improve our processes.