MODBUS Integration

MODBUS is the one of the most popular industrial protocol being used today and almost all major industrial instrumentation and automation equipment vendors support it in their products. MODBUS Ethernet is an inexpensive and easy to use protocol for communication between industrial automation devices.

The main advantage of MODBUS is that it can run over virtually all communication media, including twisted pair wires, wireless, fiber optics, Ethernet, telephone modems, cell phones and microwave.

DALTECH now delivers easy to use, simple to maintain networking solutions for your company. DALTECH utilise off the shelf gateways to move data between different networks, employ daughter cards to network-enable a serial device, and can develop source code to add to your embedded processors.

This new capability offered by DALTECH also provides significant benefits in SCADA-based applications that requires flexible I/O data transfer capability.

DALTECH have proven expertise in delivering this service within industry and have developed a wealth of knowledge and proficiency in MODBUS integration. We are happy to evaluate your company’s MODBUS needs using our Project Analysis Schematic highlighted below: